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What is the SK Tool?

Whats New:

New and Improved Mowg System:

February 10, 2012

Create thousands of indexable pages, making your site, or your clients sites massive in very little time.

Watch those pages come to life onlin.

All of the training, all of the tools, available here! Find out how we are helping our clients move rapidly into higher rank and better exposure.

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Current News:

Sales/Marketing Training

August 16, 2010

Our Manufacturing Marketing Division is finalizing some additional training and tools to help manufacturers and industry professionals gain a stronger advantage in a down market.

demoOur Website Marketing Team and partners have absolutely outdone themselves with the launch of the new MOWG-Worpress SEO System. Large and small businesses alike will experience greatly increased traffic from this "gem" of a system.

Recent Events:

New Web-Platform!

February 12th, 2012

It isn't the ol' Simplified Marketing Solutions Website Anymore! We are testing new projects, and are undergoing some new site changes!

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Google SK Tool: Intro

Also known as the SK Tool, Google's Keyword Tool is a "must have".

In today's Internet Market, you can not afford to make guesswork out of keyword optimization.

Whether you are running an Ad-word Campaign, or just trying to get additional exposure, you need to know what, Exactly, is being searched for online.

The Google Keyword tool will become an absolute staple in your Online business. You could literally find that you lose thousands of potential visitors because you didn't focus on a plural vs. a singular keyword, or an additional word in a "keyphrase". Let Google's free Keyword Tool do the work for you, with accuracy.

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